Meet Chef Bea

Growing up I have always wanted to know what cooking was all  about; I would be upstairs playing with my sisters and brother; then we hear those favorite words “TIME TO EAT!!” ahhh music to our ears. To see the plates and how the food came together to create that dish is what made me  want to know what cooking is all about.

When it came to that point in my life of choosing my career, becoming a chef has been my top priority. I went to Tidewater Community College, took a Culinary Arts Program, received my food manager certification and have been working in the restaurant business for 4 yrs now. One day it hit me I want to have my own food business, as a personal chef doing meal prep for others. Being a mom of three beautiful girls, I came to realize how much meal prepping helps a busy person throughout the week. That became my main focus in this business; and have been meal prepping for a few clients for 2 years now. Then it turned into catering for small events; which of course my life has been very busy, but exciting.

When you first walk into a restaurant or if there is someone at home cooking, the first thing you would say is “it smells good in here”. That is because of the spices and herbs that come together to give that dish that lovely aroma and delightful flavor. So of course being a Chef I want to give my clients my all when it comes down to preparing meals for them along with keeping them healthy. So I figured if I am going to give you a meal, why not keep it fresh, even down to the spices and the herbs. I will create spices so that you will not have to worry about sodium issues or having to cut back from your favorite spices because of that extra stuff they decide to put in their seasonings  to enhance flavor, nothing is better than straight freshness no additives. Just call me your SPICE GALVANIZER

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